Korallen-Zucht Flatworm Stop


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KZ (Korallen-Zucht) Flatworm Stop

An effective help against tissue eating flatworms on Acropora and for ailing SPS.

Flatworm Stop strengthens all kind of corals and reduces parasitical flatworms on Acropora corals at the same time. Very valuable ingredients are assimilated directly after dosage. In tests, ailing small polyp stony corals also recovered and rebuilt the basis as well as gained back the original coloration.

Dosage and special Considerations:
 Dosage: 1 ml / 25 US-Gallons , Daily
 Do not exceed recommended amount
 Can be combined with Coral Booster for a strong synergistic vigor booster
 Refer to Zeovit guide for complete System and phase instructions

Made in Germany

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250 ml, 500 ml




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