GHL Powerbar 5.1-PAB


Specially developed for Aquatics

Digital powerbar for PAB, plug for USA/Canada
5 sockets switchable, one of them also dimmable, one permanent,
switch with integrated fuse, over-voltage protection, max. 1800 W in total

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Connected to PAB-Port of the ProfiLux.

The Powerbar 5.1 offers 5 switchable sockets, one of which can also be dimmed. An additional 6th outlet with permanent power (e.g. for ProfiLux, pumps or lights) is also included.

The ProfiLux Aquatic Bus enables secure and reliable communication with ProfiLux. Built-in surge protection and an illuminated fused switch together with LED indicators provide you with the complete package and utmost level of safety.

Also the power consumption of individual loads per socket can be measured separately (versions with PAB only). The integrated LEDs indicate the switching status of the individual outlets. Fuses protect the powerbars against overload (230 V versions).

Powerbars 5.1 can be daisy-chained.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 420 x 90 x 60 mm

Maximum current in total / per socket: 15 A / 15A

* PAB cable NOT included
Weight 5 lbs



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