GHL Aquarium Doser 2.1 Stand-Alone


The Reliable Alternative…The Doser that can just do more. Thanks to the high quality technology inside the compact and modern GHL Doser 2.1, it not only provides precise and simple dosing, but it also includes many more features. The GHL Doser 2.1 is available as a Stand Alone (SA) Unit, as well as a Slave Unit.

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The Reliable AlternativeThe Doser that can just do more.

Thanks to the high quality technology inside the compact and modern GHL Doser 2.1, it not only provides precise and simple dosing, but it also includes many more features. With the free GHL Control App or the cloud service myGHL you can access your Doser from anywhere in the world to start dispensing programs or check the levels of your metering liquids.

The device is comfortably operated from your smartphone or your PCThe connection is possible via WiFi, LAN and USB.

The LED illuminated GHL Logo in the housing serves as a status indicator. It displays the condition of your aquarium by displaying various colors and tells you when something requires your attention.

The GHL Doser 2.1 is available as a Stand Alone (SA) Unit, as well as a Slave Unit.

Features and Benefits Include:

Advanced Connectivity

Connect to an external magnetic stirring unitthe GHL Control Pad * orTemperature and Level Sensors.

* Not yet available

Integrated Refill (Auto Top-Off)

Refilling and changing of small amounts of water.

Very Precise Dosing

The 24V stepper motors allow precise dosing even at the smallest flow rates (0.1 ml).

  • Up to 150 doses per day
  • Easily chose dosing times via software (GHL Control Center).
    AutomaticallyUp to 150 individual doses per day automaticallydistributed
    Individually: Up to 8 doses per day individually set
  • Each pump can be set separately
  • Conveying capacity and dosing:
    8-45 ml / minute (precisely adjustable to 0.1 ml)

LED Status Display

The LEDbacklit GHL Logo in the housing cover serves as a status indicatorVarious colors show you at a glance, the condition of your system.

  • White = Configuration mode
  • Blue = Normal
  • Green = Amount of liquid in the container is OK
  • Yellow = Warning threshold amount of liquid undershot
  • Red = Alarm threshold amount of liquid undershot

Level Indication and Alarm

Keep track and control of the liquid levels in your containers. An alarm signals that the minimum quantity has been reached.

Versatile Connectivity Options

  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • External GHL Control Pad (4,3” Touch screen)
  • Temperature sensors and Level sensors

Easy Handling

Programming and operating the Doser 2 Stand Alone is easily accessible via the free PC software GCCapp and cloud service myGHL.

Simple Connection

The connection can be made via WiFi, LAN, or USB.

Convincing Quality

  • We only use durable and quality materials.
  • The pumps on our Dosers all have chemical-resistant tubing and stainless steel motor shafts.
  • The housing is robust and made of hard-waring aluminum anddurable plastic.

Model Diversity

GHL Doser 2.1 is available in two different models with 2-4 pumps:

  • Stand Alone (SA): With integrated control
  • Slave: Without control, control via GHL Doser 2/2.1 SA, GHL Maxi Doser, ProfiLux Aquarium Controller

In addition, select between white and black (cover).

Expandable to a Whole Dosing System

You need more pumpsNo problemThe system is expandable to a total of 16 pumps.

  • Stand Alone + one or more Slave Doser (GHL Doser 2/2.1 Slave or GHL Maxi Doser Slave)
  • ProfiLux Controller + one or more Slave Doser (GHL Doser 2.1 Slave or GHL Maxi Doser Slave)

The ProfiLux Aquatic Bus provides reliable and interference-free data transfer, even over long distances up to 100 m (300 ft.).

Technical Specifications

Color: Black or white

Dimensions220 x 150 x 76 mm (without pumps)

Variants2-4 pumps with stepper motors, up to 45 ml / minute

Models: Stand Alone, Slave

Stand Alone and Slave DoserAn Efficient Team.

Do you need more than one device? If so, the GHL Doser 2.1 is perfect foryou because the Doser can be expanded into an efficient dosing system.

The autarchic Stand Alone unit has integrated control electronics. With it, youcan additionally control other Slave Doser (GHL Doser 2/2.1 Slave or GHL Doser Maxi Slave) units.

The Slave Doser has an interface for control via the Stand Alone Doser (GHL Doser 2/2.1 SA oder GHL Doser Maxi SA) or the ProfiLux Controller.

You can control a total of 16 pumps independently.

The settings for all the pumps can be adjusted easily and clearly with our software. Even when you are not at home, you can still have access.

GHL Control App Pumps

GHL Control App Pumps

GHL Control App Dosingtimes

GHL Control App Dosing timers

The highly accurate 24 V stepper motors allow you to perform up to 150doses per day. Precisely adjustable to 0.1 ml!

When determining the dosing times you can either chose your doses being distributed automatically throughout the dayOr being distributed up to 8 doses per day, individually set.

myGHL Cloudservice
Weight 6 lbs

White, Black

# of Pumps

2 Pumps, 3 Pumps, 4 Pumps




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