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Each 16oz portion of 5280 Pods contains 5280+ LIVE Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops Copepods ranging from nauplii to adult sizes. 5280 Pods is great for seeding new tanks and refugiums, boosting existing populations, or feeding finicky fish & inverts

We recommend using with our high quality OceanMagik LIVE Phytoplankton Blend to establish and maintain the healthiest copepod populations.

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Seed Your Aquarium | Increase Pod Populations | Feed Finicky Fish

5280 Pods

If you are trying to seed a new aquarium or looking to boost Pod populations in your established system, 5280 Pods will get the job done. With over 5280+ live copepods in every 16oz’s of 5280 Pods you can rest assured that finicky feeders such as Mandarin Dragonets, Seahorses, Anthias, Corals, Clams, and other Filter Feeding Invertebrates will always have a continuous supply of live, nutritious food. Our pods are 100% viable to reproduce within a marine environment as they grow and carryout their natural lifecycle in your aquarium. As some of the smallest mouths in a balanced ecosystem, a healthy population of Copepods is a critical, yet often overlooked part of any “Clean Up Crew”.

Below is some information about the species of pods included in our 5280 Live Copepod product:

Tigriopus californicus:

Large, red, and packed with omega-3 fatty and amino acids, Tigriopus copepods make a nutritious meal for even the finickiest of fish. These Pods typically inhabit the water column and are very jerky when they move, making them an easy target for your critters. Females will lay hundreds of eggs during their life cycle thus adding to your “Clean Up Crew” by consuming detritus, invasive algae, and phytoplankton in your aquarium.

Tisbe biminiensis:

These smaller, yet hardy copepods tend to inhabit the cracks and crevasses of live rock and macro algae. Hiding helps them to maintain their population in marine aquaria. Their nocturnal nature makes them a sustainable food source in your tank and keeps your fish entertained and “on the hunt”. In addition to being a highly nutritious treat for your fish, they also add to your “Clean Up Crew” by consuming detritus, phytoplankton and invasive algae in your aquarium. Think of these guys as the smallest mouths in your food chain.

Apocyclops panamensis

These hardy copepods are slightly larger than Tisbe pods and slightly smaller than Tigriopus copepods. This intermediate size makes them a healthy live snack for your finicky fish and coral. Apocyclops copepods are extremely nutritious with a very high amino acid and protein content. Apocyclops copepods contain high amounts of Astaxanthin which can enhance and brighten the colors of your fish and coral. These warm water copepods reproduce extremely quickly by laying eggs every 4-6 days, about twice the rate of Tisbe and Tigriopus! Apocyclops copepods feed on phytoplankton, fish waste, and other detritus in your tank making them a critical part of any clean-up crew.

As juveniles, Apocyclops copepods are benthic meaning they stay hidden in the rock work, macro algae, and glass in your aquarium. As Apocyclops copepods mature into adults they lay eggs before becoming pelagic and making their way into the water column where they provide a sustainable and nutritious live food source for your fish and corals. The natural life cycle of the Apocyclops copepod makes them an ideal aquarium candidate and we are very excited to bring this new species into your tank!


Please note: Copepods are sold by quantity, not volume of carrier water. The volume of the carrier water may be slightly more or less than noted in the size. We guarantee you will receive at least the number of copepods stated. You often receive quite a few more.


Directions and Storage:


Always ensure Poseidon’s Feast is dosed at room temperature to avoid temperature shock and ensure maximum pod activity and survival. Active pods will elicit a stronger feeding response from fish and be able to find refuge in your aquarium more quickly. A quick way to “acclimate” the pods to your tank temperature is to float the bag in your aquarium or sump for 10 minutes, the label will not deteriorate.

There are a couple different ways we suggest dosing Poseidon’s Feast depending on your desired outcome:


If your goal is to treat your fish to a healthy, live snack then we recommend adding the desired amount of Poseidon’s Feast directly into a high-flow area of the aquarium during your regular feeding time. Preferably when the lights are on so that the fish can see and pursue the pods.

If you do not use the entire bottle of Poseidon’s Feast at once it can be safely stored for later use. We recommend storing the unused portion in the fridge with the lid off to allow oxygen exchange to occur. If stored in the fridge with the lid off, Poseidon’s Feast Pods will remain alive for up to 4 weeks after the factory seal is broken*. If stored at room temperature with the lid off, Poseidon’s Feast Pods will remain alive for up to 2 weeks after the factory seal is broken. Storing the Pods at fridge temperatures slows down their metabolism and prolongs their “shelf life” but does not kill them.

*Note: Poseidon’s Feast can be stored unopened in the fridge until the “Use By” date marked on every bottle. However, it should be noted that once opened the Pods become re-oxygenated and, if stored with the lid off in the fridge, can last up to an additional 4 weeks after the “Use By” date printed on the bottle.


If your goal is to seed a new aquarium with Pods or increase Pod population in an established system we recommend the following method:

  1. Turn off Return Pump, and any Circulation Pumps
  2. Turn off UV sterilizer and Protein Skimmer (If applicable)
  3. Pour entire contents of Poseidon’s Feast Bag into refugium, display tank, or a mix of both*.
  4. Wait 15 minutes to allow Pods to settle into the Rocks and/or Macro Algae.
  5. Resume normal equipment operation.

*Note: Pods will reproduce best in the refugium as there are ideally no predators in this area. As they live and reproduce, some will naturally make their way through the return into the display providing a continuous food source to inhabitants. If you do not have a refugium, no problem, copepods will still live and reproduce in the live-rock and substrate of your display tank, canister filter, sump etc..

No matter what method you choose, Pod populations can be grown and maintained using our OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton Blend. This unique blend of Live Phytoplankton strains provides a nutritious food source for Copepods and is the same blend we use to culture our Pods.

Weight 2 lbs

5,280+ Pods, 10,560+ Pods, 22,000+ Pods, 44,000+ Pods


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