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Why settle for an ordinary fish tank?

When you envision a saltwater tank you think bright, colorful, sparkling, lively…a stunning display in your office or home.

You don’t want a tank filled with bland, ordinary corals and aggressive, territorial fish.  Additionally, it should not be accumulating algae and undesirable waste. You want a bright, clean environment where fish and coral thrive!

When designing a system, I don’t just put together a tank, cycle it, and then add some basic fish or coral… Instead, I work with you to plan out the entire project including all elements of the aquatic ecosystem. The tank size, shape and design are critical, but I also take the time to make sure items such as plumbing, filtration, lighting, and livestock meet your needs and wishes. 

When you design and build a new aquarium, you are building an environment to house living creatures. With proper planning you can provide a clean and healthy environment and avoid some of the maintenance headaches which can arise in reef systems.

Some of the Items we look at when designing a system include:
  • Tank size, location, material, and shape
  • Tank stand design and finish
  • Desired tank inhabitants, color, size, texture, and long-term compatibility of species
  • Proper placement of any corals, their lighting and water flow needs
  • Layout and design of the rock work to support the specific requirements of the corals
  • Filtration needs of the system; biological, mechanical, and chemical
  • Planning of other critical equipment such as sump size, protein skimmers, media reactors, and any automation systems