Aquarium Maintenance Castle Rock
Aquarium Maintenance Castle Rock

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Saltwater aquarium maintenance service

You have options when it comes to the maintenance of your saltwater or reef aquariums. You can choose to hire a service company, you could do the work yourself, or if you own a business, have some of your employees take on some of the work. But if you or your employees are maintaining an aquarium, then your business is losing productivity.

With rates in the industry being fairly standard, you need to evaluate your options based on more than just price. You want experience, dedication, professionalism, and reliability, but also a full-service offering so you don’t need to worry about replacing older equipment or where to purchase your next tank when you want to upgrade.

I offer maintenance services designed around the specific needs of saltwater fish and reef inhabitants. My services are designed around concepts I have learned in the many years of keeping my own reef tanks. I don’t believe in just adding random chemicals to treat an issue. I subscribe to tried and true natural methods and processes.

  • I have 20+ years of Saltwater and Reef tank experience
  • I believe the health of your aquarium inhabitants is the top priority 
  • I prefer to use natural proven remedies for common tank issues
  • No chemicals are added unless absolutely necessary
  • A reef tank is a living ecosystem and should be treated as such

Standard aquarium maintenance

Standard maintenance is provided on a bi-weekly basis, but plans are customized to your individual tank’s needs.

Standard service includes:

  • Water chemistry testing
  • 10% – 20% Water change
  • Clean algae from glass, décor, and vacuum sand bed
  • Clean filters/sump, protein skimmer, pumps
  • Check fish/livestock for potential health issues
  • Function test all equipment
  • Provide RODI water for top-off purposes as needed
  • Replace filter media as needed