AquaMedic EVO 1000

Aqua Medic EVO 1000 Protein Skimmer Review

The EVO 1000 protein skimmer is an ideal choice for reef keepers looking to keep operating costs down while still maintain an efficient filtering system. it is a small unit that easily handles the 150 gallons it is rated at.


One of my goals for this tank was to keep the electric bill down…and in turn, keep my wife happy. These days the aquarium industry offers many options to help with power savings from LED lights to DC powered pumps. While the cost of equipment isn’t getting any less expensive, thanks to advancements in technology, the costs of running a reef tank are a little lower than running my old halide lights and little giant pumps.

My lights are Kessil LEDs, my main pump is a DC powered Reef Octopus, so a DC powered skimmer was my top priority. As with all larger purchases I make for this hobby, I did my research, and found that only a few companies were offering the DC option at the time. I am also limited on space in my sump so I wanted to find either a very small footprint model or a hang on back style. I opted for the Aqua Medic EVO 1000 because it fit all of my needs and the size of the tank.

Initial thoughts

The skimmer has been on my tank for about 6 months now and is performing as well as I expected. I have a small bio load so it honestly does not have a lot of work to do, but it pulls out enough dark skimmate to keep me happy and more importantly my tank inhabitants.

The skimmer has two main settings, the air intake valve, and the speed control for the pump. With these two, you can easily dial in the right amount of flow and air to achieve either wet or drier foam.

Overall, the skimmer is easy to set up and dial in, I prefer to run it on a drier configuration, so I keep the water level lower and the air output from the pump high. However, if you prefer a wetter output, it would be very easy to adjust the water level to produce that.

See the video below from my Youtube account for a brief overview and a look at how I have it set up on my sump.


·    Relatively small in size

·    Low power use

·    Feeding mode

·    Adjustable pump flow

·    Easy adjustment and control

·    Affordable price point


·    It’s a HOB model, it works for me but many people prefer the skimmer to be in the sump

·    It is only rated for a 135 Gallon tank, so I may need to upgrade it as my bio load increases

If you are looking for an affordable skimmer, are open to a HOB model and don’t have a massive bio load then I would recommend you look at the Aqua Medic EVO 1000 as an option.

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