Scopas Tang

Just a quick video of my favorite fish right now. I’ve had t in my tank for a few months now, it may not appear to be a colorful fish, but up close and especially as it has grown, the colors and patterns are really unique and beautiful. This fish used to hide a lot, but since I added the Maxspect Gyre system, it spends most of the time out in the open swimming into the current, then floating back a little. It is very peaceful to watch the motion and movements it makes throughout the tank. I am really glad i picked him up when I did.

Most aquarists have the standard Hawaiian yellow tang or one of the blues, and you rarely see any others. I think the Scopas is one of the more underrated and often overlooked  Tangs, because it may not be as colorful. However, when observed closely, it is definitely one of the more beautiful fish you can keep.


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