Kessil A360WE Initial Review

The Kessil A360WE is one of the best options for LED lighting on a reef tank without taking out a second mortgage. Read my review below…

Life before the Kessil A360WE

When I first set up this tank I was just planning on a basic reef system with some mushrooms and LPS, I’ve run those before and figured that was the easy way. I had purchased a 72″ Current USA LED strip, installed it and ran it that way for a couple months. Most of my LPS responded well and when I decided to try my first montipora it seemed to grow ok, but I wasn’t quite satisfied.

Due to my lack of enthusiasm with the Current lights, within a month, I decided I wanted to try more hard corals…enter my first SPS and a required lighting upgrade.

The upgrade

As with all my major purchases, I did some research and decide on the Kessil A360WE fixtures, I loved the shimmer they provide, and ease of use, and they fit into my budget unlike some others (Radion). So i shopped around and I bought them individually through an auction site. Now that I finally have all three I have mounted them on a DIY type hanging mount, evenly spaced across the 6′ span.

Kessil A360WE LEDs
Kessil A360WE LEDs on a homemade rail

Initial impression

The light output and color from these are amazing! They totally blow away the old Current fixture I had! There are only two dials to adjust the Kessil A360WE lights, one for intensity and the other for color, this keeps it simple.

While there is no native programming capability with these lights, Kessil does offer a ‘Spectral Controller’ for them. You can also daisy chain them together and make adjustments through the first light in the chain, the others will follow the same setting.

I do plan on purchasing an aquarium controller system to offload the programming functionality, that should be coming any day now. For now I have the three adjusted to about 60% intensity and I’d say color is around 12-14K range, and I can go bluer to around 20k range if I want.

One of the great features of this light is that adjusting the color doesn’t change the intensity. With some other lights if you set it to a darker blue color then the light loses some of it’s intensity. This is not the case with the Kessil A360WE lights, they are engineered to maintain the intensity you have it set at no matter what color you choose. So your tank and coral get their needed PAR and UV, and you get to set it to the most appealing color for your pleasure.

I’ve been running all three on the tank now for about 4 months and overall I am extremely satisfied with my decision. As i said, I will probably add on a controller which will provide the patterns and profiles other manufacturers have built in,  and I may still add on a T5 retrofit setup just to help eliminate some of the shadows LEDs are known for.


  • Amazing Shimmer, almost like my old Halides
  • Small
  • Self contained
  • easy adjustment and control
  • Affordable price point


  • No out of the box schedules and programs
  • I didn’t like the gooseneck mounts
  • A little shadowing that LEDs are known for

I highly recommend the Kessil A360WE LED for anyone wanting to be able to keep SPS, Monti, LPS, or any other type of coral really

Check out the videos below to see the colors and the amazing shimmer they provide.



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