My first attempt at a mixed reef

My 125 gallon Mixed reef at about 6 months old

I have been in this hobby for about 20 years now and have always done simpler LPS systems, I never tried keeping SPS corals so this is a new experiment for me. This tank is about 125 gallons, and the sump is about another 20 or 30 gallons i believe…it was all purchased used, so I am not 100% sure on the capacities.

I am planning on this being a mixed reef, but will probably become SPS dominant if I don’t kill them all. So far I am having decent success with the SPS corals, My Montipora have been growing nicely over the first 6 months, So I recently added a few low end SPS frags from auction sites. Through the use of this Blog as well as Instagram and YouTube I will be documenting the progress of this tank, talking about the various equipment i have used, and any custom DIY projects involved. I’ll try and post at least one update per week, I plan on adding in some T5 retrofit lights to supliment the LEDs, also looking at adding in a GHL controller and doser, and i still need to finish the DIY stand and obviously add some more coral and fish. Follow my blog or Instagram account to keep up with the changes and read some of my reviews.

The current stock list is:

Green Frogspawn

Red Monti cap

Purple Monti cap

Green Monti cap

2 bubble tip anemone – was one but split shortly after I got it

2 Mystic Sunset Montipora

A Duncan which was a freebie in an SPS order

A couple random SPS pieces from World Wide Corals and AquaSD

and a few other random LPS

Fish right now are:

Scopus Tang

2 clowns

1 Blood Red Fire Shrimp

*More to come

Equipment worth noting:

AquaMedic Skimmer

Kessil A360WE LEDs

BRS Media/GFO Reactor

Maxspect Gyre 200


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