Aquarium Install Castle Rock, Colorado
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Have a piece of the ocean in your home or office

 Thank you for your interest in Landlocked Reef.  We are a full-service saltwater aquarium company in Castle Rock, Colorado. The owner, Chris Macaluso, has been keeping and maintaining aquariums for 30+ years and specializing in saltwater and reef systems for 20+ years.

Landlocked Reef is a re-seller of custom acrylic aquariums from “Living Color Aquariums” and also partners with “Custom” for custom built glass systems.

We sell and use high-quality, reputable brands such as; Ecotech Marine, GHL, Reef Octopus, AquaIllumination, Trigger Systems, Neptune Systems, NYOS, IceCap, Innovative Marine, and many others. Through these partnerships we can design, install, and maintain virtually any system you can imagine for your home or office.

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Aquarium Install Castle Rock, Colorado
Aquarium Maintenance Castle Rock